Are Your Hotel Beds Clean?

Ever wondered who's been sleeping in the bed before you?

I know I have and that's why I started the Healthy Hotels Group® to offer Guests a choice to stay in a Hotel or Motel that DOES have their beds and pillows sanitised...

And now with COVID it's more important than ever for the Accomodation Industry to look after the health of their guests.

Door Sticker

We offer Hotels/Motels and Airbnb's the tools to protect their Guests with regular mattress and pillow sanitising and deep cleaning done by our approved service providers in your area using a thorough 4 stage dry process where the mattress is flipped and deep cleaned on both sides, plus the ensemble. It is then treated along with the pillows to a safe Super Sanitiser.

Plus... in between our visits we offer the equipment and sanitiser to do their own beds after each guests leaves. 

We use a SAFE2use® Super Sanitiser, which is non allergenic, so it's safe for Guests who may react to other chemicals if they suffer from Allergies or Asthma.

The Hotel/Motel will be given a petite LED desk sign for Reception, to let people know that they are staying in a room that has had the beds and pillows cleaned after every Guest leaves.

Healthy Hotels  Group pens to take home, to avoid any cross contamination.

A large LED lit Neon sign 600mm x 600mm will be on display at the front of their premises, letting potential Guests know that they participate in the Healthy Hotels Group® program.

Healthy Hotels Group Sign

Our Tourism industry is worth looking after and this we believe will be the next standard in Hotel Hygiene.

If you are a Hotel or Motel looking for a significant point of difference to attract more Guests, give us a call and we can arrange an approved service provider to give you a quote, you'll be surprised how little it costs to go that extra to attract more Guests. 

Stay safe...