Yes... Goldie Locks would be shocked if she saw what comes out of the Hotel Mattresses...

Goldie Locks

We use a method that extracts everything that has accumlated inside the mattress and pillows using a dry process, meaning the beds are dry in minutes not hours.

Using a SAFE2use® Super Saniting Spray that won't trigger allergies in your Guests.

Our method of extraction removes, dust mites and their excrement, hair and skin particles, sweat, odour, and anything else that has found its way into the mattress... the mind boggles!

You've probably wondered if clean sheets are enough? 

Well no, unfortunately, the mattress can only take so much and once the debris inside builds up, (which only takes about  4- 6 months) the mattress acts like a bellow when the person turns over in the bed... puffing all of the toxic debris down the person's throat and up their nose and into their eyes, resulting in itchy red eyes, allergies, coughing and a bed night's sleep...

... sometimes it can cause an allergic reaction or trigger an Asthma attack which is not a nice experience for your Guests.

       And it's just plain un-hygienic not to have the mattresses and pillows cleaned and sanitised,             especially in today's COVID environment, you don't know who's been in the bed before you.

This process has been long over due in the Accomodation Industry and we are going to see a lot more Guests asking about the cleanliness of the beds when they travel in the future.

We offer Hotels/Motels/Airbnb's the opportunity to join our group and have their mattresses and pillows sanitised at a very reasonable price.

Giving them a great point of difference from their competitors and more bookings.

 If you'd like to make a REAL difference for your Guests, give us a call and we will arrange a demonstration for you.

Janice White