What could Healthy Hotels Group do for You?

Let us help you get ahead of your competitors now that travel is opening up again...

People are concerned about where to stay when they travel, they're asking themselves questions like...

Is the Accommodation safe for me and my family?

How do l know the beds are clean and the pillows are safe?

Who's been sleeping in that bed before me?

These are some of the  questions that Guests will consider before they travel, if they KNOW that your Hotel or Motel is Certified by The Healthy Hotels Group® and that you sanitise the beds each time Guests vacate the room, it will give them tremendous peace of mind and give You a HUGE point of difference.

They will see your LED sign at the front of your premises, letting everyone know you are part of the program.

lED Desk Sign

They'll notice your certification certificate at Reception, along with your Healthy Hotels Group pens, and the sticker on the back of their room door, telling them that you have gone the extra mile to protect their health.

Door Sticker

Here's a little more information to clarify the procedure and how it will work for you.

 You can join today for just $10.50 per week (paid yearly) that's  a 50% discount, because we know how much the Accommodation industry has suffered during this Pandemic and we want to help you make up for that by being the Hotel of choice in your area when travel open up again.

 Qualifying is a two-part process 

a) Low Yearly Membership

b) Having the cleaning & sanitising done by one of our approved H.H.G. service providers, this means we protect our brand and reputation knowing the work will be carried out to the level that our Certification requires.

 The yearly membership allows you to use our Branding and have your Hotel or Motel on our Website for people to find you easily. 

 You can also use our Branding on your own Website, this will make a big difference when potential Guests are looking at your site.

 You can also use our articles for your Social Media pages to promote your business.

The cleaning and sanitising work is carried out by an approved H.H.G. service providers in your area, (twice per year,) this involves a very deep clean and sanitisation of the mattress (both sides) ensemble and pillows which is dry in minutes.

This deep clean has to be carried out by our professional operators as they have the equpimpment to extract, clean and sanitise to meet the Certification requirements.

You'll understand when you see what comes out of the mattress!

If you want the carpets cleaned and sanitised as well that can be arranged, the carpets are "Dry in minutes" giving you a faster room turn around.

 Part of  the  qualification process to be a member of the Healthy Hotels Group® is that you use our service providers at least twice per year and...

... in between their visits, you use our ULV spray unit filled with our sanitiser to apply on the beds each time a Guest checks out, that way we know that nothing is used on the beds or pillows that could be Toxic or cause an Allergic reaction with your Guests, this is very important as our products are SAFE2use®, there are others on the market but they could be dangerous to your Guests. And don't worry, the service provider will train your staff to use these spray units so that the beds will be dry in minutes.

The SAFE2use® Super Sanitiser is very reasonably priced and comes in a 5 litre container, when used in conjunction with the Electronic Sprayer, which is compact, portable and recharable, the spray will go a long way, it will work out to approximately the price of a cup of coffee, to spray each bed when the guest leaves, (of course this is based on a Queen size bed) a single will be less and a King bed a little more...

 We will require you to keep your Establishment pristine clean at all times, as our reputation could be damaged along with yours if it is not up to the standard expected by your local Government and the Australian Hotels Association. For this reason, we are very selective in our choice of Hotels and Motels who join with us. Sadly, not everyone is accepted.

 In addition to your membership, you will get a Free Healthy Hotels Group® Illuminated sign, (valued at $1,100)  to display outside your premises, (it's the same size as a Foxtell sign) and will be very visible to potential Guests. This will be yours to keep as long as you continue to be part of the Healthy Hotels Group® program.

 You will have access to a LED mini sign for Reception, as seen above...

 H.H.G.  Tent cards will be available again when the rules are relaxed. 

The stickers (pictured above) are for the back of the room door.

If you have any questions at all, or need clarification on any point, just call me on 0433 104382 to have a chat and get your business back on track.

I'll look forward to helping you gain back some of the losses you've suffered during this Pandemic and making you the Number 1 Hotel of choice in your area.

With warm regards

Janice White

Janice White

P.S. You will be pleasantly surprised by how little it cost to be part of this Certified Membership Program.

Call me  on 0433 104382 to find out more.

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