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Healthy Hotels Group

With Hygiene at the forefront of everyone’s mind because of the COVID virus we’re helping our Hotels and Motels to keep their Guests safe with clean and sanitised beds and pillows. 

The process we use is carried out by our Approved Service Providers who use SAFE2use® products that are non-toxic and safe for you and your family. 

They use a 4-stage dry process, utilising a super powerful extraction machine on both sides of the mattress and the ensemble, followed by an application of our SAFE2use® Sanitiser. 

The process extracts dust mites and their excrementhair and skin particles, bacteria, perspiration and odour, which can create Allergy and Asthma triggers for some guests. 

The pillows are also treated with this Non-allergenic, Non-toxic safe product. 

Our vision is to help Hotels and Motels who want to lift the Hygiene standards of their business by giving their Guests the best night’s sleep and peace of mind when they are travelling and staying with them, whether for business or pleasure. 

 We want you to Stay Safe and have Sweet Dreams...

Janice White