Travellers are going to expect a higher standard of cleanliness from the Hotels & Motels that they choose to stay in when overseas travel opens up. 

And those who have to travel for business will want to fee safe. If Hotel/Motel owners really think about how they can offer that “point of difference” for their guests, Hygiene is the No 1 concern with travellers now and a clean and sanitised bed would be at the top of their list.

The peace of mind it would give them to know that they won’t be putting themselves or their families at risk.

To know that their Hotel has made the decision to go the extra mile and have the beds professionally cleaned and sanitised regularly to keep them in pristine condition would certainly give that Hotel/Motel the advantage over others in the area.  And as well as the hygiene factor, this method will also help prevent Allergy and Asthma attacks from dust mites and other debris that has worked its way into the mattresses over time.Dust mites

If the Hotel/Motel has joined our Healthy Hotels Group® you can rest assured the beds have been treated with a dry process, the carpet cleaners wet process is not recommended for mattresses for many reasons, number one being that the mattress takes too long to dry. Number two, Dust mites love the moisture that is left behind in the mattress and breed prolifically and Number three, the mattress smells musty after it has been wet and can void the mattress warranty in some cases, plus it slows down the room rental while the beds are drying.

Another important point is that our Approved Service Providers will only use SAFE2use® products, which do not contain any toxic or allergenic chemicals, another big plus is that it’s safe for the environment.

Here’s how it works…

We use a very powerful extraction machine to extract all of the skin particles, hair particles, dirt and dust mites and any other debris that is buried in the mattress. Both sides of the mattress are done, then both sides are treated with a SAFE2use® sanitising spray to ensure the safety of the guests. This treatment also removes odours, bacteria and perspiration from the bed.

The pillows are also treated, there is no better method than the dry process we have perfected over the last 11 years.

Once guests realise that they are staying in a Hotels that is part of the Healthy Hotels Group® program, they will tell their friends and family, thus spreading the word of  this new standard of Hotel Hygiene that is long overdue around the world.

Many people don’t know about mattress cleaning and sanitising, or that it can be done without water, meaning they don’t have to wait a day or two for their bed to dry.

It’s a much better method that benefits everyone and gives guests peace of mind…

Healthy Hotels Group